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Approximate Harvest Dates
September 1 - October 31

At West Wind Farm, we have many varieties of apples for picking. See below to view the full list, with approximate harvest dates, storage, and what they’re best for. 

Picking Tips:
  1. Please respect our farm; we keep it neat - please do the same.

  2. Before picking, check with our field supervisors for the location of varieties that are ready for picking.

  3. When picking apples, take the apple in hand, lift it, and give it a slight turn. Try not to knock fruit off onto the ground while picking.

  4. Your apples will keep better if they are not bruised. Handle them as if they were eggs.

  5. Storage of Apples: a refrigerator crisper works best. Try to replicate these conditions (garage, root cellar, porch, etc.).

Apples Varieties
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